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Theme Song: "Endowed Chairs" by Hard Taco

Endowed Chairs
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Girls Just Wanna Have (Academic) Funding

Congratulations! You are the newly-appointed chair of an academic neurology or pediatrics department. It’s time to recruit faculty to fulfill your tripartite mission of excellence in clinical medicine, education, and research. Luckily, using strategies learned at a recent contract negotiation workshop, you’ve secured a time machine as part of your startup package. Your master plan: recruit some of the greatest physicians of all time to propel your department to greatness!

But hurry, your opponent is the new chair at a competing department across town, and will be vying for the same luminaries with the help of her own department-funded time machine. (She must have attended the same workshop.)


In this hilarious two-player game, you will navigate the vagaries of academic medicine - facing scandals, staff shortages, and lazy emeritus professors. But master the right tools, and your department will triumph!

As a bonus, read below to learn about the lives of the remarkable women featured in these games. 

Base game available in either Neurology or Pediatrics editions. If you already own Endowed Chairs Neurology, the pediatrics luminaries and tools are available as an expansion set!

Game design: Zach London and Alison Christy

Art: Lorenzo Uccheddu

(Expansion Pack only)

Meet the Luminaries
Video Instructions
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