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The World's Funniest Family Card Game (*Not a Medical Game*)

Something is very wrong. I have an apple instead of a head. Or maybe the castle is being attacked by turtles. Whatever it is, it is a problem, and problems need solutions.

In Battle Thunder Worm, players compete to come up with the best solution for that problem by choosing two words from the cards in their hands. Does this problem call for a Robot Bladder? A Pagan Gnome? Maybe a Mustache Farm would patch things up. Pick two words, and give your teammates your best sales pitch. 

And add millions of new permutations with Battle Thunder Words, an expansion with over 100 new word cards and special actions to make the game even more ridiculous.

Original concept: Malcolm London and Micah Wolkenberg

Game Design: Zach London

All artwork designed (for better or for worse) by their family and friends!

Theme Song: "Battle Thunder Worm" by Hard Taco

Battle Thunder Worm
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